mental health in veterinary medicine

Mental Health in Veterinary Medicine – Podcast Interview with Pawawareness

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Recently, I recorded a PodCast with Kris McCauley from Pawawareness on the mental health crisis in veterinary medicine. Instead of a blog post this Monday, I decided to share this PodCast with all of you. In this episode, I discuss the intricacies of being a veterinarian, as well as tips for coping with stress and anxiety.  I also share how I started the Traveling Dogtor blog and how it evolved to where it is now.

The advice provided in this episode applies not only to vet students and professionals in the healthcare industry but to anyone experiencing hardship.

“Find good mentors. Find someone who loves being a vet. If it’s your passion, you don’t want to be discouraged from that. Maintain and foster relationships with your mentors. At the end of the day, no matter where you go, you’re gonna need a recommendation for a job. Connections are important.” – Dr. Shelby Baden

Here are the links to access the PodCast:

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mental health in veterinary medicine

Join me on this “Mental Health in Veterinary Medicine” episode of the Pawawareness PodCast and let me know what you think of the episode in the comments below.



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