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I was introduced to yoga as a teenager and have practiced ever since.  After I graduated from the University of Georgia, I moved to France and worked as an au pair. While there, I began a daily yoga practice to help cope with anxiety and loss.  In 2017, I moved back to Athens to pursue my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree and received my 200RYT certificate from M3yoga in 2019.  My teaching style encourages playful movement and introduces tools to deal with challenges both on and off the mat.  I believe that the philosophies of yoga encourage practitioners to love themselves where they are and am excited to share this life-changing practice with my students.

Since receiving my certification, I have taught weekly at the College of Veterinary Medicine and am a substitute teacher at M3yoga.  I have a strong interest in yoga that promotes animal well-fare and have taught two goat yoga classes at Latimer Luck Acres and teach “Baamaste Yoga” regularly at Sweet Olive Farm.

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